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William A.V. Clark. The California Caldron: Immigration and the Fortunes of Local Communities December 1999

Janet W Salaff

Andrew Gamble, David Marsh, and Tony Tant, eds, Marxism and Social Science
December 1999

Alicja Muszynski

Linda Briskin and Mona Eliasson, eds. Women’s Organizing and Public Policy in Canada and Sweden. November 1999

Vappu Tyyskä

Jeffrey Ian Ross, ed. Cutting the Edge: Current Perspectives in Radical/Critical Criminology and Criminal Justice.
November 1999

L. A. Visano

Robert van Krieken Norbert Elias November 1999

Thomas Kemple

Mark Douglas Lowes Inside the Sports Pages November 1999

Ken Kirkwood

Jonah D. Levy Tocqueville's Revenge: State, Society, and Economy in Contemporary France. November 1999

Brian Singer

Marc A. Smith and Peter Kollock, eds. Communities in Cyberspace November 1999

Ann Travers

Donald S. Swenson Society, Spirituality and the Sacred: A Social Scientific Introduction November 1999

Nancy Nason-Clark

Joseph A. Kuypers, ed. Men and Power October 1999

Thomas Dunk

Barry D. Adam, Jan Willem Duyvendak and André Krouwel, editors. The Global Emergence of Gay and Lesbian Politics: National Imprints of a Worldwide Movement October 1999

Miriam Smith

Carol A. Aylward Canadian Critical Race Theory: Racism and the Law
September 1999

R. Delgado & J. Stefancic

Kenneth Thompson Moral Panics September 1999

Sheldon Ungar

Carole Campbell Women, Families, & HIV/AIDS September 1999

Barry D. Adam

D. Broad and W. Antony eds. Citizens or Consumers? Social Policy in a Market Society September 1999

Gary Teeple

Rita Arditti. Searching For Life. The Grandmothers Of The Plaza De Mayo And The Disappeared Children Of Argentina. September 1999

Patricia Marchak

Elizabeth Comack, ed. Locating Law: Race/Class/Gender Connections September 1999

Susan B. Boyd

Wsevolod W. Isajiw Understanding Diversity: Ethnicity and Race in the Canadian Context September 1999

A. Kazemipur

Rebecca G. Adams and Graham Allan, eds. Placing Friendship in Context September 1999

Stephanie Potter

D.W. Livingstone The Education-Jobs Gap: Underemployment or Economic Democracy September 1999

R. James Sacouman

John Edwards, ed. Language in Canada. August 1999

John de Vries

Jan Lin Reconstructing Chinatown. August 1999

Lawrence Lam

John Hagan and Bill McCarthy. Mean Streets: Youth Crime and Homelessness. August 1999

Don Clairmont

Jeffrey M. Ayres. Defying Conventional Wisdom: Political Movements and Popular Contention against North American Free Trade. August 1999

Leslie Howard

Greg Halseth. Cottage Country in Transition: A Social Geography of Change and Contention in the Rural-Recreational Countryside. August 1999

Chris Southcott

Barry Wellman, ed. Networks in the Global Village: Life in Contemporary Communities July 1999

David Gartrell

E.D. Nelson and Barrie W. Robinson Gender in Canada July 1999

Julianna Momirov

Alena Heitlinger, ed. Émigré Feminism: Transnational Perspectives July 1999

Myra Marx Ferree

Albert J. Mills and Tony Simmons Reading Organization Theory: A Critical Approach to the Study of Organizational Behaviour and Structure June 1999

Dean M. Behrens

Peter Oliver “Terror to Evil Doers” Prisons and Punishment in Nineteenth Century Ontario June 1999

Kelly Hannah-Moffat

Julia S. O’Connor, Ann Shola Orloff & Sheila Shaver States, Markets, Families: Gender, Liberalism and Social Policy in Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United States June 1999

Patricia Evans

Dana Vannoy & Paula J. Dubeck, eds. Challenges for Work and Family in the Twenty-First Century June 1999

Lorrainie Davies

Bob Russell More With Less: Work Reorganization in the Canadian Mining Industry June 1999

Robert Andersen

Randall Collins The Sociology of Philosophies. A Global Theory of Intellectual Change May 1999

Peter Baehr

Kevin T. Liecht, ed. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, Volume 16 May 1999

Bruce Arai

Ching Kwan Lee Gender and the South China Miracle: Two Worlds of Factory Women
Saskia Everts Gender and Technology: Empowering Women, Engendering Development
May 1999

Parvin Ghorayshi

Suzanne Kingsmill and Benjamin Schlesinger The Family Squeeze: Surviving the Sandwich Generation May 1999

Roderic Beaujot

John Hannigan. Fantasy City: Pleasure and Profit in the Postmodern Metropolis May 1999

Ivanka Knezevic

Sara Diamond. Not Politics Alone. The Enduring Influence of the Christian Right May 1999

Trevor W. Harrison

Jonathan S. Epstein, editor. Youth Culture: Identity in a Postmodern World May 1999

Alan O’Connor

Genevieve Rail, editor. Sport and Postmodern Times May 1999

Mark Douglas Lowes

Neil Guppy and Scott Davies. Education in Canada: Recent Trends and Future Challenges May 1999

Paul Axelrod

Scott Grills, editor. Doing Ethnographic Research: Fieldwork Settings May 1999

C. A. Faircloth

Mandy Merck, Naomi Segal, and Elizabeth Wright, editors. Coming Out of Feminism?
Janice L. Ristock and Catherine G. Taylor, editors. Inside the Academy and Out: Lesbian/Gay/Queer Studies and Social Action.
March 1999

Alan D. Brown

Vicky Randall and Georgina Waylen, editors. Gender, Politics and the State March 1999

Barbara Marshall

Gary Alan Fine. Morel Tales: The Culture of Mushrooming March 1999

Robert A. Stebbins

Vered Vinitzky-Seroussi. After Pomp and Circumstance: High School Reunion as an Autobiographical Occasion March 1999

Stephen Katz

Will Kymlicka. Finding Our Way: Rethinking Ethnocultural Relations in Canada. March 1999

James Frideres

Deborah R. Brock. Making Work, Making Trouble: Prostitution as a Social Problem. March 1999

Judith C. Blackwell

Terrance Hunsley. Lone Parent Incomes and Social Policy Outcomes: Canada in International Perspective. March 1999

Julia O'Connor

Mark Holmes. The Reformation of Canada’s Schools: Breaking the Barriers to Parental Choice. March 1999

Scott Davies

Kamala Kempadoo and Jo Doezema, eds. Global Sex Workers: Rights, Resistance, and Redefinition. February 1999

Deborah Brock

Simon Holdaway and Paul Rock, eds. Thinking About Criminology February 1999

Ken Hatt

Jeffrey C. Goldfarb. Civility and Subversion: The Intellectual in Democratic Society. January 1999

Rhoda E. Howard

Mary Douglas and Steven Ney. Missing Persons: A Critique of Personhood in the Social Sciences January 1999

Scott Grills

Denis Duclos. The Werewolf Complex: America’s Fascination With Violence. January 1999

Elliott Leyton

Jeffrey G. Reitz. Warmth of the Welcome: The Social Causes of Economic Success for Immigrants in Different Nations and Cities January 1999

Monica Boyd

Carol Tator, Frances Henry and Winston Mattis. Challenging Racism in the Arts: Case Studies of Controversy and Conflict January 1999

Rennie Warburton

Morley Gunderson and Andrew Sharpe, eds. Forging Business-Labour Partnerships: The Emergence of Sector Councils in Canada January 1999

Bob Russell

Lorne L. Dawson. Comprehending Cults: The Sociology of New Religious Movements January 1999

David Smith

Raphael Samuel, Island Stories. Unravelling Britain. Theatres of Memory, Volume II January 1999

Charles Tilly

Brian Ward. Just My Soul Responding: Rhythm and Blues, Black Consciousness, and Race Relations. January 1999

Murray Forman

Andrew Leyshon, David Matless and George Revill, editors, The Place of Music
December 1998

Deborah Parnis

Rick Helmes-Hayes and James Curtis, editors, The Vertical Mosaic Revisited
December 1998

Richard A. Wanner

December 1998

Michael R. Smith

November 1998

Neil McLaughlin

November 1998

George Ritzer

Anne Harrington, Reenchanted Science. Holism in German Culture from Wilhelm II to Hitler November 1998

Klas Borell

Rod Michalko, The Mystery of the Eye and the Shadow of Blindness
November 1998

Thomas Klassen

Barrie Anderson, with Dawn Anderson,Manufacturing Guilt: Wrongful Convictions in Canada
November 1998

Julian Tanner

Jennifer Kelly, Under the Gaze: Learning to Be Black in White Society
October 1998

Awad El Karim M. Ibrahim

Angus McLaren and Arlene Tigar McLaren, The Bedroom and the State: The Changing Practices and Politics of Contraception and Abortion in Canada, 1880-1997, Second Edition
October 1998

Deborah Brock

William A. Johnson, Jr., Richard P. Rettig, Gregory M. Scott, and Stephen M. Garrison. The Sociology Student Writer's Manual
October 1998

Thomas Klassen

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