Canadian Journal of Sociology Online November-December 2007

The Last CJS Online

This is the last issue of CJS Online. As readers of the Canadian Journal of Sociology already know, it is changing from a print journal to an online peer-reviewed open access format (see Kevin Haggerty's editorial "Change and Continuity at the Canadian Journal of Sociology/Cahiers canadiens de sociologie" (CJS 32, 3 (2007): vii-xii). Because of this change, CJS Online has become redundant, and is being integrated into the new Canadian Journal of Sociology, whose new editor, Kevin Haggerty, has graciously asked me to take on the job of Book Review Editor. I look forward to working with him and the rest of the editorial team.

It has been an interesting and enjoyable nine years editing CJS Online, and some thanks are in order. First, to Nico Stehr for inviting me to edit CJS Online in 1998 and encouraging me to develop in new directions. Second, to all the reviewers and other contributors who have provided the content. Third, to those publishers who, especially in the early years, were willing to send books for review to a then untried and low status publication format. Finally, thanks to all of CJS Online's readers, and especially to those who have been kind enough to let me know that there really have been readers out there in cyberspace, and that they have appreciated what I've been doing.

This site will remain in its present location for the next year or so, after which it will be archived with a link from the Canadian Journal of Sociology site:

Jim Conley

Trent University

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December 2007
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