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Canadian Journal of Sociology
Editorial Board

Editor: Kevin Haggerty
Book Review Editor: Jim Conley
Co-editor: Richard V. Ericson, University of Toronto
Editorial Assistant: Laura Botsford

Associate Editors

Robert Andersen McMaster University, Douglas Baer University of Victoria, Bernd Baldus University of Toronto, Paul Bernard Université de Montréal, Gary Bowden University of New Brunswick, A. Brannigan University of Calgary, Neena Chappell University of Victoria, David Cheal University of Winnipeg, Bruce Curtis, Carleton University, Arthur Frank University of Calgary, Kevin Haggerty University of Alberta, Diane Looker Acadia University, Susan McDaniel University of Windsor, Arlene McLaren Simon Fraser University, Leslie J. Miller University of Calgary, Reza Nakhaie University of Windsor, Frank Pearce Queen's University, Norene Pupo York University, Arnaud Sales Université de Montréal, John Simpson University of Toronto, Michael Smith McGill University, Aysan Sev'er University of Toronto, Daiva K. Stasiulis Carleton University, Axel van den Berg McGill University

International Associate Editors

Robert J. Antonio University of Kansas, Peter Baehr Lingnan University, Rogers Hollingsworth University of Wisconsin-Madison, Michèle Lamont Harvard University, Angela O'Rand Duke University, Chris Rootes University of Kent at Canterbury, Hermann Strasser Universität Duisburg

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