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November - December 2007

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In Memoriam: Gwynne Nettler (1913 – 2007) by William Avison

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Book reviews are commissioned for the CJS Online and appear here only. New reviews are added near the beginning of each month.

newFrances McCall Rosenbluth, ed. The Political Economy of Japan's Low Fertility. pdfimage

Danièle Bélanger

newVivian Shalla and Wallace Clement, eds. Work in Tumultuous Times: Critical Perspectives. pdfimage

Robert D. Hiscott

newEthel C. Brooks. Unraveling the Garment Industry: Transnational Organizing and Women's Work. pdfimage

Don Wells

newMuriel Mellow. Defining Work: Gender, Professional Work, and the Case of Rural Clergy. pdfimage

L. Lynda Harling Stalker

newVijay Agnew, ed. Interrogating Race and Racism. pdfimage

Sreca Perunovic

newBerna Turam. Between Islam and the State: The Politics of Engagement. pdfimage

Feyzi Baban

newCraig Calhoun, ed. Sociology in America: A History. pdfimage

Jérôme Melançon

newUnderstanding Evil II: Reply to Christopher Powell. pdfimage

Keith Doubt

Alyson M. Cole. The Cult of True Victimhood: From the War on Welfare to the War on Terror. pdfimage

Daniel Béland

Monica Prasad. The Politics of Free Markets: The Rise of Neoliberal Economic Policies in Britain, France, Germany, and the United States. pdfimage

Janice Aurini

Margaret Beare and Tonita Murray, eds. Police and Government Relations: Who's Calling the Shots?. pdfimage

Willem de Lint

Nila Ginger Hofman. Renewed Survival: Jewish Community Life in Croatia. pdfimage

Slobodan Drakulic

Donald G. Dutton. Rethinking Domestic Violence. pdfimage

Walter S. DeKeseredy

Sonja Plesset. Sheltering Women: Negotiating Gender and Violence in Northern Italy. pdfimage

Carmen Gill

Francesca Castellani and Josef Quitterer, eds. Agency and Causation in the Human Sciences. pdfimage

François Dépelteau

Susan Ohmer. George Gallup in Hollywood. pdfimage

Yves Laberge

Reply to Keith Doubt. pdfimage

Chris Powell
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newTrent University , Sociology: 3 positions (LT)

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Keith Doubt Understanding Evil: Lessons from Bosnia
George Steinmetz, ed. The Politics of Method in the Human Sciences
Charles Tilly, Trust and Rule.
Steve Fuller, The Intellectual
Michael Mann, The Dark Side of Democracy
Randall Collins, Interaction Ritual Chains


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