Canadian Journal of Sociology
Vol. 30 (2005) Author Index

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Adams, Tracey L.
"Feminization of Professions: The Case of Women in Dentistry." 71-94

Baer, Doug
"On the Crisis in Canadian Sociology: Comment on McLaughlin." 491-502

Brym, Robert J.
"In Faint Praise of the World Bank's Gender Development Policy." 95-111

Cormier, Jeffrey J.
"The Canadianization Movement in Context." 351-370

Corra, Mamadi
"Separation and Exclusion: Distinctly Modern Conditions of Power?." 41-70

Curtis, Bruce, and Lorna Weir
"Crisis Talk: Comments on McLaughlin's 'Canada's Impossible Science'." 503-511

Dallaire, Christine and Claude Denis
"Asymmetrical Hybridities: Youths at Francophone Games in Canada." 143-168

Denis, Claude, see Dallaire, Christine

Etzioni, Amitai
"Response to Simon Prideaux's "From Organisational Theory to the New Communitarianism of Amitai Etzioni"." 215-217

Fuller, Sylvia
"Public Sector Employment and Gender Wage Inequalities inBritish Columbia: Assessing the Effects of a Shrinking Public Sector." 405-440

Gazso, Amber, see Haggerty Kevin D.

Grabb, Ed
"For Jim: A Tribute to James Ensign Curtis." 391-403

Haggerty, Kevin D. and Amber Gazso
"Seeing Beyond the Ruins: Surveillance as a Response to Terrorist Threats." 169-187

House, J. D.
"Change from Within the Corridors of Power: A Reflective Essay of a Sociologist in Government." 471-490

Johnston, Jos»e
"The "Second Shift" of Canadian Sociology: Setting Sociological Standards in a Global Era." 513-527

Lehmann, Wolfgang
"Choosing to Labour: Structure and Agency in School-Work Transitions." 325-350

McLaughlin, Neil
"Canada's Impossible Science: Historical and Institutional Origins of the Coming Crisis in Anglo-Canadian Sociology." 1-40

Murphy, Raymond
"Prejudice and Pride: A Commentary on "Canada's Impossible Science"." 529- 532

Ogmundson, Richard
"Does it Matter if Women, Minorities and Gays Govern? New Data Concerning an Old Question." 315-324

Pinard, Maurice
"Political Ambivalence towards the Parti Qu»b»cois and its Electoral Consequences, 1970-2003." 281-314

Simpson, John H.
"Comment on "Canada's Impossible Science: Historical and Institutional Origins of the Coming Crisis in Anglo-Canadian Sociology"." 113-115

Sydie, R. A.
"Response to Neil McLaughlin's "Canada's Impossible Science"." 533-536

Veenstra, Gerry
"Can Taste Illumine Class? Cultural Knowledge Forms of Inequality." 247-279

Walby, Kevin
"How Closed-Circuit Television Surveillance Organizes the Social: An Institutional Ethnography." 189-214

Wanner, Richard A.
"Twentieth-Century Trends in Occupational Attainment in Canada." 441-469

Weiming, Tu
"Intellectuals in a World Made of Knowledge." 219-226

Weir, Lorna, see Curtis, Bruce

White, Melanie
"On the Recent Apocalyptic Tone Adopted in Canadian Sociology." 537-544