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Canadian Journal of Sociology
Vol. 27 (2002) Author Index

Baumgartner, Thomas, see Burns, Tom R.

Böhme, Gernot
A Fourth Basic Cultural Competence?, 199–210

Burns, Tom R., Thomas Baumgartner, and Philippe DeVille
Actor-System Dynamics Theory and Its Application to the Analysis of Modern Capitalism, 211–243

Carroll, William K.
Does Disorganized Capitalism Disorganize Corporate Networks?, 339–371

Cockerill, Rhonda, see Tanner, Julian

Curtis, Bruce
Foucault on Governmentality and Population: The Impossible Discovery

Delanty, Gerard
The Governance of Universities: What is the Role of the University in the Knowledge Society?, 185–198

DeVille, Philippe, see Burns, Tom R.

Doyle, Michael, see Ogmundson, Richard

Fournier, Marcel
Reflections on the Legacy of Pierre Bourdieu

Haggerty, Kevin
The Politics of Statistics: Variations on a Theme, 89–105

Hall, John A. and Michael R. Smith
The Political and Economic Consequences of Mr. Keynes, 245–267

Hier, Sean P.
Raves, Risks and the Ecstacy Panic: A Case Study in the Subversive Nature of Moral Regulation, 33–57

Luke, Alison, see MacKinnon, Neil J.

MacKinnon, Neil J. and Alison Luke
Changes in Identity Attitudes as Reflections of Social and Cultural Change, 299–338

McDaniel, Susan A.
Information and Communication Technologies: Bugs in the Generational Ointment

Mesny, Anne
Bourdieu’s Recent Work: Sens pratique v. Hysteresis, 59–67

Ogmundson, Richard and Michael Doyle
The Rise and Decline of Canadian Labour/1960 to 2000: Elites, Power, Ethnicity and Gender, 413–454

Parkins, John
Forest Management and Advisory Groups in Alberta: An Empirical Critique of an Emergent Public Sphere
, 163–184

Ping, Huang
Sociology and Social Problem Research

Pratt, Anna and Mariana Valverde
From Deserving Victims to ‘Masters of Confusion’: Redefining Refugees in the 1990s, 135–161

Prideaux, Simon
From Organisational Theory to the New Communitarianism of Amitai Etzioni, 69–81

Shalla, Vivian
Jettisoned by Design? The Truncated Employment Relationship of Customer Sales and Service Agents under Airline Restructuring, 1–32

Shea, William R.
Global Dialogue, 83–88

Smith, Michael R., see Hall, John A.

Tanner, Julian and Rhonda Cockerill
Ideology and the Middle Class: The Influence of Work and Gender in the Health Care Professions

Valverde, Mariana, see Pratt, Anna

Veenstra, Gerry
Explicating Social Capital: Trust and Participation in the Civil Space

Wilson, Brian
The Canadian Rave Scene and Five Theses on Youth Resistance, 373–412